Poland – who is this neighbour of ours?

Poland is one of our country’s neighbours and we have a partnership with the city of Plock. However, our students really didn’t know much about Poland, its people, traditions or history. Although it’s so close most students haven’t been to Poland and that’s something we want to change.

So we decided to do something about that and make a Polish-Workshop in which students get to learn the most important facts about this country . We managed to invite  speakers who taught us that Polish and German people actually have a lot in common – like the love for football- and have had a relationship with each other since the 18th century – probably even earlier. The fun part about this day was when we gained some new skills- language skills. This is a bit of a stretch since Polish is a slavic language and German is noting like that, so we laughed a lot about our inablity to pronounce words correctly but after a while we managed quite well, I’d say. Here’s an exapmle of how different the languages are. „Good morning“ -> Guten Morgen (German), Dzień dobry (Polish). Do you see what I mean? 😉

It’s important to realize that although countries are different there’s always  common ground. Ignorance can only be defeated by bonding and talking to each other. This is what we are trying to achieve with every partnership we’ve established so far.

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