Exchange Partnerships

We fundamentally strive to ensure our school is a place where each student can experience the best possible learning environment, can grow and challenge themselves and can thrive in an atmosphere of respect, love and compassion toward one another. As a state approved Catholic secondary school it is our intention to combine academic excellence with Christian values.

We want to make the world smaller for our students and intend to create more international opportunities for exchange and projects that enable cross-cultural connections between your school and ours. Your commitment can help our students understand the importance of building bridges. They will not only broaden their horizon, but they’ll also gain self-reliance and self-confidence while exploring another culture and its customs.

A textbook can’t do that. Only life can. Let’s become friends!

Twin Cities

We have partnerships with:

  • Brescia (Italy)
  • Chesterfield (UK)
  • Plock (Poland)
  • Karonga (Malawi)
  • Avila (Spain)
  • Nancy (France)
  • Brno (Czech Republic)
  • Bethlehem (Palestinian Territory)
  • Haifa (Israel)

San Antonio’s delegation enthused by our presentation

Last Thursday we got the chance to present our school in front of the delegates of San Antonio, who visited our city due to the celebration of Darmstadt and San Antonio becoming twin cities. Our students and staff put a lot of effort into this presentation: speeches were written, videos shot and edited, english leaflets…

A Friend from Chesterfield – Video

A teacher’s view- Be brave and smile

Hi there, my name is Marijana Neuschitzer and I am in charge of finding schools for us who are interested in a longterm exchange and friendship. Honestly, I thought it was easier to complete this task, because „Why wouldn’t you come to someone who is really interested in getting to know you?“ and even more…

A student’s speech given at a meeting with delegates from San Antonio, TX

I am very grateful to be here today to give a short testimony why I think student exchange is an experience of a lifetime. We are looking forward to a long and lasting friendship which is based on values, ideas and visions, which unite us. To us it is very important to learn from each…


Howdy. What comes to your mind when you hear ‚Chesterfield‘ – cigarettes or sofas? To us, it’s a mid-sized town in England that Darmstadt is twinned with and the home of St Mary’s, our partner school. Since 1990 we have hosted more than 400 English teens from St Mary’s here at Edith-Stein-Schule in our student…

San Antonio- Darmstadt’s new twin city

We couldn’t be more excited about the upcoming partnership between San Antonio, Texas and Darmstadt. The official ceremony will be on 10/27 at the Darmstadtium and we’ll be there not only to celebrate but to get to know our new friends from the other side of the world. San Antonio is a diverse and vibrant…

Bishop Martin Mtumbuka in Darmstadt

Good ideas come a long way, when people decide to benefit from the knowledge of others. Since 2006 we have been in touch with the Chaminade Secondary School in Karonga/Malawi and when an opportunity arose to visit the school for the first time back in 2014 we took it and we weren't disappointed. We were…

Poland – who is this neighbour of ours?

Poland is one of our country's neighbours and we have a partnership with the city of Plock. However, our students really didn't know much about Poland, its people, traditions or history. Although it's so close most students haven't been to Poland and that's something we want to change. So we decided to do something about…
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