La Dolce Vita a Brescia

Exchange Brescia – Darmstadt (23.03.19 -29.03.19)

On Saturday 23rd March 2019, with two hours delay, we arrived in Brescia where we were greeted by our lovely host families.

The following Sunday was also spent with the families, where some of us were in Verona and others went to Venice.

On Monday morning we all went to our school Liceo linguistico „Veronica Gambara“ where we got introduced to the topic “scripta manent”, the programme and groups were formed. After that we went on a city rally where we could see a lot of Brescia’s sights and discovered ancient inscriptions in line with the topic “scripta manent”. This activity was followed by a baseball game, which was lead and explained by Mr Randy Carbone.

On Tuesday we visited Capo di Ponte with its rock engravings in the national park Naquana, had a workshop and later viewed the historic and beautiful old town of Bergamo whose main sights were presented by a few Italians.

We spent the next day in Soncino. There we visited the printing museum and saw an ancient printing machine, which was used to print the Hebrew Bible. An impressive sight was the castle of Soncino which we viewed with interest. Then a relaxing break. On Wednesday evening we met at a bowling alley and ate pizza together.

Thursday morning we took the subway to a youth center where the groups prepared their presentations for the evening party with the parents. After that we had free time until the party with the parents, which began at 7 o’ clock. We held our presentations for the parents about our exchange and ate together.

On Friday morning we met at the train station in Brescia at 9 o’clock. We all had to sadly say goodbye to our exchange partners and took our train back to Germany.

Looking back I want to say that all of us had an amazing exchange where we learnt a lot about Italy and its culture. The activities, sights and time spent with our new Italian friends was special and something we’ll remember for a long time.

Furthermore, I want to thank everyone who made this exchange possible: Mrs Marks and Mrs Battista as well as Mrs Barbera and Mr Pontiglio from Italy. Grazie a tutti!

By Sophie Bachmann

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