About us

Among the numerous extra-curricular activities our school offers in creative or musical arts as well as sports, ESS Drama Club has also known a long tradition. At first being focused on older students only, the various drama clubs are now being offered and open to students of all grades, meeting on a weekly basis.

The purpose of ESS Drama Club

ESS Drama Club is designed to create an active interest in the theater arts and provides a creative outlet for theatrically-minded students. It gives the students an opportunity to learn and practice various theater-related skills in a non-competitive environment, to experience the many facets of play production on and offstage, and to work towards a common goal at the end of the school term.

The benefits of Drama Club

Drama Club provides a safe place for our students to transform their emotions into an impressive expression of creativity.

Performing in front of their peers and finally going on stage fosters the students’ self- confidence and enhances their comfort in front of an audience.

The practice of embodying various characters and putting themselves in someone else’s shoes

   enhances their ability to empathize with people.



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