ESS goes live in 1…2…3 / Day 2

Waking up before 7 o‘clock we already knew that today was going to be a good day since we would participate at Bishop Diego Television (BDTV). With a mixture of excitement and nervousness we entered the parking lot knowing that the whole school will be watching us during the moderation. We had plenty things to organize, that‘s what the amazing teacher Mr. White helped us with and his awesome students. While Lena was planning the Bishop Diego News, Marlene was occupied with the Local and National News. David was collecting the results of the sports and I was preparing the weather forecast with Jordan. Having a quick look at all the computers (which were iMacs), cameras and teleprompters we were aware that this studio is actually comparable to a real professional news studio. Being a bit nervous we put our TV-shirts on and assured ourselves that we were able to read our script properly out loud.

Then the moment came. The very friendly and confident director told us we would be live in five…four…three…two…one..; and the whole school was watching us. In the course of the day many teachers and students came to us and congratulated us to our first news moderation. As a gift Dr.C. McNay gave us some school shirts which a few of us let signed. After this very experiencing lesson we were following some students into their lessons which had a very nice and casual atmosphere. After our lunch with all the other Americans we had a quick play of basketball with our new friends in the school‘s big gym. We ended the day with cooking together.


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